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If you are asked to pin point one issue that is making the lives of the wild animals’ hell, the most popular response will be poaching. This is a crime that has been condemned by people of all nations. In this short article , you will get the possibility of reading the event , which shook the whole world. A resident dental expert of Minnesota was forced to close down his chamber in face of the general public outrage. This was because, he had hatched a strategy and enticed out among the most beloved lions of Hwange National forest and eliminated it.So have a look at famous animal hunters you may need.

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Image credits: Brent Stapelkamp
Cecil the 13-year-old lion was a beloved celebrity at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park


Image credits: Paula French
Someone had paid a guide $55,000 to lure him out of the park at night and shoot him with a crossbow. They tracked him for 40 more agonizing hours until he was finally killed

Even Ricky Gervais, a comedian, actor and animal rights activist, weighed in